Things I’m currently obsessed with….

I love this time of year when prom and dances roll around.  It gives me a chance to be extra creative with colors, glitter, cut creases and trends!  I recently purchased some items from Urban Decay to get ready for the upcoming season.  GLITTER!!!

I chose the Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner because of the versatility of the product.  I can line cut creases with it, use it as liner, use it over any eye product and even use it all over the eye…. think of a glitter smokey-eye!  It is long lasting and comes in some great colors.  Colors pictured:  Midnight Cowboy and ACDC.  

I always tell my prom clients that their makeup will not look like anyone else’s.  I try to use different colors and techniques with each client so they are unique and fun products like this are key.

For the foundation…..

I chose to purchase the Naked Skin foundation because, frankly, I’m getting tired of my old stand by and wanted to try something new.  I love this foundation because it has a medium coverage (where your natural skin still comes through), demi matte with light reflecting properties and doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup.  I feel like my skin can breathe!  What would make this product even better?  Sunscreen.  But, I will add that to my morning skincare routine.  Moms…. this is a great foundation for you!  Great color choices and very easy to use.  

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I am a wife, mom of 2 and a makeup artist. I love all things makeup, fashion and design!

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