Brooke’s Makeup for Prom

This was my first time meeting Brooke and we had a blast together! Brooke wanted a contoured eye with a bit of silver sparkle and fabulous lashes to compliment her gorgeous dress. I also added airbrushed foundation along with contour, and a soft pink on her cheeks and lips. I hope Brooke felt as gorgeous as she looked!

Details on her look…

Airbrushed Foundation – Dinair in Soft Glow Matte

Concealer – IT Cosmetics in Bye, Bye, Under-eye

Eyes – Urban Decay, Urban Decay Smokey Palette, Pat McGrath Labs, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics

Contour – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush – Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Bare Minerals

Eyebrows – Colour Pop Cosmetics

Lashes – Ardell Beauty

Prom Season has begun….Dahja and Katie

This is one of my favorite times of the year when I can get creative and have some extra fun with makeup. Prom is a time to go with the trends and let a bit loose.

Dahja and Katie are returning clients that I am very thankful for! Dahja wanted to go for a bold lip, winged liner and I painted on a fun detail in metallic liner. Katie wanted to keep things on the more natural side with browns to go with her hot red dress. They are both seniors, best friends and both off to the same college next year. Congratulations beautiful girls! Here are the details on their looks….

Dahja’s look …

Airbrush Foundation: Dinair in Soft Glow Matte

Concealer: Morphe

Eyes: Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, Pat McGrath, MAC Cosmetics, Tarte

Blush and contour: Bare Minerals

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lashes: Ardell

Lips: Bare Minerals

Katie’s Makeup Details….

Airbrush Foundation: Dinair in camouflage and soft glow matte

Concealer: Morphe

Eyes: Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, MAC Cosmetics

Brows: Colour Pop

Contour and lip: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Bare Minerals

Rhi’s Prom Trial

Sometimes trusting your face to a new makeup artist can be scary. I can just imagine what my new clients are thinking . . . is she going to make me look like a clown, does she keep everything sanitary, what if I don’t like it, can I be honest with her, what are her qualifications . . . just to name a few. This is why makeup trials are so important, no matter the event.

In walks Rhi, a natural beauty, for her prom makeup trial. We sat down and talked for a bit. She told me that she doesn’t wear much makeup, if any at all but wanted a new look for prom. She showed me her stunning black dress and we discussed how she was going to wear her hair too. This way, she will have a cohesive look for her senior prom!

Here are the details on her look…

Airbrushed Foundation: Dinair in Glamour formula in Vanilla and Olive Beige

Concealer: IT Cosmetics

Eyes: Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics, Pat McGrath Labs

Contour, highlight, brows and lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Bare Minerals

Lashes: Ardell

Riley’s Cotillion Makeup

I was so excited when I got to meet Riley to do her makeup for cotillion pictures. We sat a talked a bit before we got started. (This is something I like to do for all my clients. It helps my clients feel more comfortable, allows me to find out their likes, dislikes, skin type and helps me provide the best service possible.)

I found out that Riley did her homework and stalked my Instagram page, which I ♥️♥️♥️. I think all my clients should do their research. She found several looks that she really liked so I decided to do a combo of them and used my brand new palette from Pat McGrath Labs. (Want to learn more about Pat McGrath Labs, watch a video here. )

Here is her before and after….

Details on her makeup:

Airbrushed foundation: Dinair, Soft Glow matte in Vanilla and Olive Beige

Concealer: IT Cosmetics

Eyes: All Pat McGrath Labs shadows from the MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette

Eye Primer: Urban Decay

Lips and brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush and contour: Bare Minerals

Lashes: Ardell

Airbrush Tan: Blush and Glow Studio

Mrs. Betty

I received a call from my client who wanted to book another makeup lesson with me, as a refresher course.  She also made an appointment for her friend, Mrs. Betty.  These two ladies are amazing and fun!  I love that ALL ages are willing to learn something new and that every age feels comfortable coming to me.  Do you or someone you know want to learn how to do your makeup different, better, or a trend you’d like to master?  Give me a call or text to schedule your appointment.

Did you know that makeup lessons with me are hands on using my products and well as what is already in your own makeup bag?  Typically, I do one side and my client does the other.  Here are beautiful Betty’s results.  Stunning, if I do say so myself.



Jessi and BABs

This exquisite bride-to-be found me via a google search in Washington DC, where she currently lives. However, she is getting married closer to her husband’s home town in Aiken. We talked back and forth for a while and I was so excited that I finally got to meet her and get to know her better! She also brought her amazing friend, BABs (which stands for Bad Ass Bitch) with her. (If you’d like to learn more why the call her BABs, check out this link Here. Her story is heartwarming and inspiring. Seriously, click it. You will get goosebumps.)

Back to makeup. Jessi has all sorts of beautiful colors in her wedding flowers so we wanted to keep the eye simple with a red lip and that is exactly what we did! Here is her final look.

Details on her look…

Airbrushed foundation: Dinair in Radiance in vanilla and olive beige

Concealer: IT Cosmetics

Eyes: Urban Decay and Makeup Geek

Lashes: Ardell

Contour and blush: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Bare Minerals

Brows: Colour Pop Cosmetics

Lips: Lorac

BABs is in the wedding wearing a beautiful champagne/taupe dress so we went with a bit of sparkle.

Here are the details on BABs look….

Airbrushed foundation: camouflage in alabaster and vanilla

Concealer: IT Cosmetics

Blush and Contour: Bare Minerals

Eyes: Urban Decay, Pat McGrath Labs, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics

Lips: Lorac

Lashes: Ardell

Beatle’s Makeup

I love my makeup artistry business for so many reasons like the fact that I have a slight obsession for all things makeup, I love the creativity it brings to my life but most of all, I LOVE meeting new clients. Which brings me to my newest client, Beatle, who was so much fun to work with!

Beatle is a beautiful, fun and vibrant mom who needed her makeup done for a ball she was going to attend. She said that she wanted “natural glam” and this is her final result! Details on her makeup below.

Makeup details:

Airbrushed foundation: A combination of Dinair camouflage and soft glow formulas in alabaster and vanilla

Concealer: IT Cosmetics Bye, Bye Under Eye

Eyes: Urban Decay, Lorac, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brows: Colour Pop Cosmetics

Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: BareMinerals

Lip: Lorac

Lashes: Ardell

Stylized Photo Shoot

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Pamela Williams Photography and do the makeup for a stylized bridal shoot.  I was so excited to be asked along with other local businesses involved like Flowers on Broad, The Marion Hatcher Center and House of the Bride.  I also got to meet the sweetest model, Jordan.

Jordan 13

Details on her look…

Airbrushed Foundation:  Dinair in Soft Glow Matte (Perfect for brides)

Concealer:  Bye Bye Under Eye by IT Cosmetics

Eyes:  Urban Decay, Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lashes:  Ardell

Contour and Brows:  Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush:  Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Bare Minerals

Dress:  House of the Bride

Portrait:  Pamela Williams Photography

Photo Shoot with Baileigh

My daughter, Sydney, was home for the weekend and was feeling very creative so we decided to have a photo shoot with the gorgeous Baileigh. I love being able to partner with Sydney because she is honing her craft of photography. She is trying all different styles to find her own. Couple her amazing photography with Baileigh and my makeup and we have a win-win situation.

This photo shoot started with color theory and outfits. I never want the makeup to match with what the model is wearing but all these pieces must come together and be cohesive. I decided to use medium tones on her eyes with smudgy (that’s a makeup technical term….😂) dark liner. I purposely stayed away from a deep contoured eye and kept her skin as natural as possible using just a bit of concealer and airbrushed foundation. I also kept her face fresh by adding bronzer and a light dusting of contour and a bit of highlight. With all that going on, I choose a matte lip and full false lashes to complete her look.


Detail on her look:

Airbrushed foundation: Dinair in Glamour – combo of Vanilla and Soft Beige

Concealer: Bye, Bye Undereye by IT Cosmetics

Eyes: Makeup Geek Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay

Contour, blush and highlighter: Urban Decay

Matte lip: Bare Minerals

Lashes: Ardell

Look of the Day

Here is my look of the day.  Okay, so I’m lying.  Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.  Actually, it was the look of the day on Valentine’s Day but I ran out of time to post it.

I wanted something soft and flirty using pinks and purples for Valentine’s Day.  I posted a video on this look too.  Click” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here to watch it.  While you are there, please like my page to see more makeup or follow me on Instagram.

look of the day

Here are the details:

Airbrushed foundation:  Dinair Soft Glow in Vanilla and Soft Beige

Eyes:  Urban Decay, Makeup Geek and Mac Cosmetics

Brows, Highlighter and Contour:  All by Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Dip, Contour palette and Glow Palette

Blush:  Tarte

Concealer:  Bye, Bye Under Eye by IT Cosmetics

Lip:  Bare Minerals

Lashes:  Ardell

Earrings: Tiffany and Co


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