Katherine’s Prom Makeup

Katherine came to me through referrals from a few of my clients and I was so excited to meet this beauty. We texted back and forth a bit to make sure we were both on the same page for her makeup for prom. Katherine said she wanted natural but with glitter. I used soft browns, smudged, barely there liner, Urban Decay glitter and of course, lashes to finish off the eyes. Her luminous skin was topped off with airbrush foundation (that kept those adorable freckles on her nose), contour, a pop of color on the cheeks and an Anastasia Beverly Hills lip.

Details on Makeup…

Airbrushed foundation: Dinair in Glamour formula

Concealer: IT Cosmetics – Bye, Bye Under Eye

Eyes: Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics, Pat McGrath Labs, Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Contour and lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Tarte

Lashes: Ardell Lashes

Spray Tan: Blush and Glow

Baileigh’s Prom Makeup

Now, this captivating beauty might look familiar to you! She is posted all over my website, has been my model and I also am her makeup artist for her fun occasions. This time, it is for prom.

When Baileigh showed me a picture of her unique prom dress, I instantly thought of what her makeup should look like. She has been experimenting more in her makeup looks and we decided to do a dark smoky eye that made those hypnotic eyes even more blue! I’ve coined this eye look the “screw you eye!” 🤣🤣. Hey sometimes a girl needs to find and show her fire. Am I right? Makeup details below.

Details on her makeup look:

Airbrushed foundation: Dinair in Soft Glow matte, soft pink shimmer on collar bones

Concealer: Bye Bye Undereye by IT Cosmetics

Eyes: Urban Decay, Pat McGrath Labs, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics

Contour, brows and lip: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Bare Minerals

Lashes: Ardell

Brooke’s Makeup for Prom

This was my first time meeting Brooke and we had a blast together! Brooke wanted a contoured eye with a bit of silver sparkle and fabulous lashes to compliment her gorgeous dress. I also added airbrushed foundation along with contour, and a soft pink on her cheeks and lips. I hope Brooke felt as gorgeous as she looked!

Details on her look…

Airbrushed Foundation – Dinair in Soft Glow Matte

Concealer – IT Cosmetics in Bye, Bye, Under-eye

Eyes – Urban Decay, Urban Decay Smokey Palette, Pat McGrath Labs, Makeup Geek Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics

Contour – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush – Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Bare Minerals

Eyebrows – Colour Pop Cosmetics

Lashes – Ardell Beauty

Prom Season has begun….Dahja and Katie

This is one of my favorite times of the year when I can get creative and have some extra fun with makeup. Prom is a time to go with the trends and let a bit loose.

Dahja and Katie are returning clients that I am very thankful for! Dahja wanted to go for a bold lip, winged liner and I painted on a fun detail in metallic liner. Katie wanted to keep things on the more natural side with browns to go with her hot red dress. They are both seniors, best friends and both off to the same college next year. Congratulations beautiful girls! Here are the details on their looks….

Dahja’s look …

Airbrush Foundation: Dinair in Soft Glow Matte

Concealer: Morphe

Eyes: Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, Pat McGrath, MAC Cosmetics, Tarte

Blush and contour: Bare Minerals

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lashes: Ardell

Lips: Bare Minerals

Katie’s Makeup Details….

Airbrush Foundation: Dinair in camouflage and soft glow matte

Concealer: Morphe

Eyes: Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, MAC Cosmetics

Brows: Colour Pop

Contour and lip: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Bare Minerals

Rhi’s Prom Trial

Sometimes trusting your face to a new makeup artist can be scary. I can just imagine what my new clients are thinking . . . is she going to make me look like a clown, does she keep everything sanitary, what if I don’t like it, can I be honest with her, what are her qualifications . . . just to name a few. This is why makeup trials are so important, no matter the event.

In walks Rhi, a natural beauty, for her prom makeup trial. We sat down and talked for a bit. She told me that she doesn’t wear much makeup, if any at all but wanted a new look for prom. She showed me her stunning black dress and we discussed how she was going to wear her hair too. This way, she will have a cohesive look for her senior prom!

Here are the details on her look…

Airbrushed Foundation: Dinair in Glamour formula in Vanilla and Olive Beige

Concealer: IT Cosmetics

Eyes: Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics, Pat McGrath Labs

Contour, highlight, brows and lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush: Bare Minerals

Lashes: Ardell

Sarah’s Makeup for Prom

Sarah gave me free reign to let me do pretty much what I wanted for her prom!  So we decided to do a very soft, wearable smokey eye. 

Started off with Dinair airbrushed foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills contour and brows, Makeup Geek Blush and eyes in all MAC Cosmetics. Lip by Colour Pop. Lashes by Ardell

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Prom makeup for Taylor

Taylor may look familiar to you. She is a client that I see several times a year! She won her local pageant this year and and has gone to several proms. I love when I have return clients!!! We always do something different and fun when I see her.  This year, we went for a purple contoured eye with lots of purple glitter. 

We started with Dinair Airbrushed foundation, Makeup Geek and Urban Decay for eyes, Bare Minerals for contour and blush, Colour Pop brows and Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip. Lashes by Ardell.
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Senior Prom Makeup for Katelyn

Katelyn is always open to some fun and dramatic makeup.  She especially loves some sharp winged eyeliner!  For her senior prom look, I used my airbrush to create her winged liner.  Yes, you read that right!  Didn’t know you could do that….did you?  It is a great way to create some killer liner that doesn’t budge!  

Products used:

Airbrush foundation and winged liner by Dinair… Both were Glamour formulas

Eyes:  Makeup Geek, Mac Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals and Pat McGrath Labs

Lashes:  Ardell

Brows: Colour Pop

Contour, blush and lip – Bare Minerals

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Kylie’s Prom Makeup 

Kylie and her mom are so much fun to be around and I enjoy spending time with them.  Kylie’s prom dress was beautiful with a floral pattern that screamed spring so we kept her makeup soft and fresh by using colors like dusty pink, browns, melon and of course, some shimmer!


Airbrushed foundation by Dinair Glamour Foundation

Concealer, blush and contour – Bare Minerals

Eyes- Makeup Geek and Mac Cosmetics

Lashes- Ardell

Lips and brows- Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Michal’s Makeup for Prom

Michal is a returning client and I always enjoy seeing her.  She always has a smile on her face!  Michal wanted a contoured eye with slight winged liner and just a touch of glitter to set off the shimmer in her dress!  I added a bit of deep burgundy to make her eyes pop.

Here are the details…

Airbrushed foundation by Dinair – Soft Glow

Eyes – Urban Decay (GwenStefani Palette and midnight cowboy glitter liner), Pat McGrath Labs and Mac Cosmetics

Concealer- IT Cosmetics

Contour, brows and lip – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Blush – Bare Minerals

Lashes – Ardell

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